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H.E Wamkele MeneMungai NFI
  • H.E Wamkele Mene (Secretary General at African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Secretariat,)

    H.E Wamkele Mene

    Secretary General at African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Secretariat,
  • Mungai NFI (President at AfSAE)

    Mungai NFI

    President at AfSAE
Plenary Session 1: Harnessing the Power of Regional Integration for African Economic Development and Social Progress

The session aims to provide insights into the benefits and challenges of regional integration, particularly within the context of AfCFTA, and how associations can contribute to its successful implementation. The panelists will share their expertise and perspectives on leveraging regional integration to drive economic growth, enhance trade opportunities, and foster social progress across the African continent.
Overall, this session seeks to highlight the significance of regional integration as a catalyst for African economic development and social advancement, with a focus on the role of associations and the potential of AfCFTA in promoting regional economic integration

Moderated Plenary Discussion
Alta Prinsloo

• Integration of professional services and the Role of Professional Associations in the implementation of AfCFTA.
• Harmonization of Standards for Effective Intra Africa Trade
• Unlocking the potential of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) for regional economic integration.
• Promoting Trade in Services under the AfCFTA Framework and the role of Business Associations

  • Alta Prinsloo (Chief Executive Officer at Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA))

    Alta Prinsloo

    Chief Executive Officer at Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA)
Plenary Session 2: Building Resilient African Economies: Is Infrastructure, Manufacturing, and Industrialization the Panacea?

The session aims to shed light on the role of infrastructure, manufacturing, and industrialization in creating resilient African economies. The speakers and panelists will discuss the potential of these sectors to drive economic growth, enhance regional and international trade, and foster sustainable development across Africa. They will also examine the challenges and opportunities associated with infrastructure development, manufacturing, and industrialization, considering their impacts on job creation, innovation, and overall economic transformation.

Keynote Address
Pannel Session 2: Combating the threat of infectious diseases in Africa: Building a regional approach.

This panel session serves as a platform for experts and leaders in the field of healthcare and disease prevention to share their knowledge, exchange ideas, and propose actionable strategies for combating infectious diseases in Africa through a coordinated regional approach. By fostering collaboration and highlighting best practices, the session aims to contribute to the overall goal of improving healthcare systems, safeguarding public health, and promoting sustainable development in Africa

Moderated Plenary Session 3
Plenary Session 3: Investing in human capital development for sustainable social progress in Africa

The session aims to inspire action and generate ideas for policies, programs, and partnerships that prioritize human capital development as a fundamental pillar for Africa's sustainable social progress. By harnessing the potential of its people, Africa can drive innovation, enhance productivity, reduce inequality, and create a more prosperous and inclusive future.
Panelists share insights and experiences from their respective fields, highlighting successful initiatives and best practices in human capital development across Africa. They discuss the role of governments, civil society, and international organizations in creating an enabling environment for human capital investment and collaboration.

Association Leadership Forum

1. Strengthening Association Governance and Strategy
2. Developing a Framework for Advancing Africa Association’s Advocacy Agenda
3. Case studies- Sharing experiences
4. What’s next?